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Quran : Through Kafir's Eye
Quran : Through Kafir's Eye

    Quran : Through Kafir's Eye

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    Islamism was forced on Indians by swords of invaders. For centuries, crores were killed, raped and converted in name of religion. Thousands of temples and millions of idols were ruined.

    Finally, a brave-heart stood up and shook the world. His intellectual counterattack on ideological roots of radical Islamist bloodshed silenced everyone. He still stands tall after 135 years with his movement spread across the globe and arguments undefeated. He is considered father of Hindutva movement and greatest social reformer ever. He was the first person ever to critique the scriptural foundations used to justify radicalism.

    This is the historic work by the legend Swami Dayanand on Islamism. In 2008, a few people went to court to get this work by Swami Dayanand Saraswati banned. Delhi High Court gave a clear verdict in favor of this work, warning others to not file such cases again in future.

    Every logical mind who seeks truth must read it