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Affiliate Program Commissions Structure

Do you have the standard commission rate?

As we have wide variety of products from multiple brands with even wider price range, we cannot possibility set standard commission rate. We can only have special Offers and Promotions rate.

So does your affiliate commission varies per product?

We have set the fixed commission rate for each product we would like to promote through our affiliate marketing program. Current list of the products and commission offered are below. However, from time to time we may add more products in this list:

Set of 87 Sanskrit Posters, Bhagwat Geeta, Vedas, Yoga, Upanishads, Chanakya Neeeti, Ramayan, Sanskrit Art, Inspiring Sanskrit Quote, Sanskrit Poster
Pack of 84 - Math Poster Mega Collection, Math Poster, Kids Room Decor, Classroom Decor, Math Wall Arto
Pack of 72 - English Poster Mega Collection, English Poster, Kids Room Decor, Classroom Decor, English Wall Art
A Complete Set of All Four Vedas in Sanskrit-Hindi and Transliteration (33 Books)

How do I know that new products have been added in the list? Will I be eligible to promote that newly listed product?

When your account is approved and you have joined our affiliate program, you are eligible to promote any product from our Affiliate product collection. Any new product we wish to promote through our affiliates will be added in this collection. You will atomically become eligible to product that new product as well.

Kindly visit our current list of Affiliate Products.

When will I receive the commission, I have earned?

You will receive the commission in the first week of each moth for the order successfully closed in previous month.

Does the commission offer change?

Yes. We may time to time revise the commission offered. Main reasons could be the increase in product cost. However, the revised commission will not affect those orders which have been already successfully placed before the introduction of revised commission.