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Ronak Trivedi, Co-Founder, KRITINOVA

Ronak has over two decades of experience in product lifecycle management using lean technology and sustainable practices. Ronak's passion for Indian values and art is the motivation behind the foundation of KRITINOVA. All the products at KRITINOVA are designed and developed by Ronak Trivedi. A patriotic self-learned artist, Ronak Trivedi loves machines, robots and advanced technologies.

His mission is to make Indians adapt to the Sattvic lifestyle even when surrounded by different cultures and environments. An advocate of renewable energy products and zero waste management, Ronak envision providing exposure to Indian products and heritage on a global platform that depicts true Indian history, dharma and art & culture.

Kruti Trivedi, Co-Founder KRITINOVA

A trained breath-work therapist and practitioner, Kruti Trivedi believes her profession must add positivity and sustainable growth to the world. Having vast experience in domains such as IT Quality Control, e-commerce business and wellness programs in India and abroad, she has developed a high regard for technology and the quality of lifestyle the western world provides to each citizen.

A thorough researcher of Indian Scriptures and a Meditation expert, Kruti Trivedi is our backbone for customer experience and branding. Kruti is a people person and on a mission to make all Indian epics reach each Indian household. She works actively to nurture the next-gen Indian citizens by spreading knowledge about original Indian history, Indian heroes and leaders, and Indian values.


About Kritinova

KritiNova – in Sanskrit ‘Kriti’ means beautiful creation and Nova is a prevalent word meaning ‘New’. KritiNova is an inimitable umbrella of exclusive brands for newly emerged beautiful creations available in India and abroad. We are a group of Indian researcher intelligentsia, self-taught and blessed Artists, wise curators of ancient Vedic knowledge, creative designers and visionary business personalities.

Kritinova has acquired exclusive online and offline rights for the brands – KriRonSanjeev Newar, Ritvijam and The Patent Planet, and  in India and aboard. With our consistent and persistent working approach, in very small time, we have a range of more than 1000 classing branded products which include fashion wear, home decor, wall hangings, mugs with trending printed designs and life-changing books.

In our business approach, we are lean too. Everything we do, we try to do lean way. Meaning, we are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce or eliminate waste within and between the processes and sustaining and adding value in our daily operations.

Everything we do is of exceptional quality. Today, quality is no longer defined by merely price points or distribution channels. Quality today means being authentic, being different, being unique, being functional, being beautiful. And we respect these principles. We choose to serve the educated, the curious and the intelligent who appreciate our dedication to this very genuine definition of quality.

Our beautiful creations can bound you back to your roots, gives you an opportunity to pay tribute to great inventors and experience magnificent Art. They can add attitude, intellect, art, luxury and comfort into lifestyle of any age person.

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