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The Hijab Debate: Subjugation sold as Freedom (Paperback)
The Hijab Debate: Subjugation sold as Freedom (Paperback)

    The Hijab Debate: Subjugation sold as Freedom (Paperback)

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    A comprehensive guidebook on Hijab myths and realities.

    Is Hijab a symbol of resistance against so-called majoritarianism or a step towards Talibanisation? Is it assertion of religious identity or subjugation of women in the guise of freedom? Before you choose a side in this debate, you must know full facts and arguments. Here is a short but comprehensive guide.

    Journalist Swati Goel Sharma and data scientist Sanjeev Newar co-authored this book to address all major arguments that have come up in this debate, whether in legal battles or in public discussions.

    The book traces history of the veil and advent of purdah system in India, shows ambiguities in sanction to Hijab in scriptures, elaborates on violent enforcement of Hijab by radicals, busts frivolous comparisons of Hijab with bindi and bangles, and raises an alarm on growing influence of terrorist organisations in pro-Hijab protests as these give a boost to their nefarious agenda.

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