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Questions only Hinduism can Answer (Paperback: English)
Questions only Hinduism can Answer (Paperback: English)

    Questions only Hinduism can Answer (Paperback: English)

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    Who am I?

    What to do?

    What is the Purpose of life?

    Does God exist?

    If yes, why did (S)he create me?

    Which religion is true?

    Every kid raises these questions in their mind. But slowly, they are silenced by the laws of blasphemy. Because in most religions, asking questions is an insult to God. Customs replace questions. Fear of blasphemy replaces the quest for truth.

    When you are surrounded with blasphemies and fear, Hinduism comes for the rescue. You may not question your God. But Hindu God invites you to question Her. Talk to Her. Mock Her. And even reject Her. There is no blasphemy. Reject if you don't get answers. Accept if you like it.

    In religions, you are slaves of God. In Hinduism, you are a child of God. In religions, you fear hell and do 'good' out of fear. In Hinduism, you love Mother God and do good out of love. Hinduism is all about holding Supreme's hands and talk, love, laugh, question, joke and walk together. When you get tired, the mother picks you up in her arms and walks. When you get stuck, mother rescues.

    This book deals with 170+ questions that every religion tried to answer but failed. And you would know why they failed. Because it’s not about finding answers, It’s about finding mother's lap where all questions vanish...


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