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Practical Guide to Moksha (Paperback: English)
Practical Guide to Moksha (Paperback: English)

    Practical Guide to Moksha (Paperback: English)

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    This book is different from other books written on Yoga or self-help. It summarizes the principles of Yoga in contemporary language removing all complex terms and concepts.

    This is the first book that answers all doubts that an educated modern era person has on Law of Karma.

    This book is result of years of Sadhana on Vedas, Darshans, Upanishads and lots of texts. And experimenting in life to discover these laws. Then converting all this to modern jargon-free language.

    The book brings you the wisdom of psychology, philosophy, business management, physical sciences and a huge number of other fields in most easy to assimilate format so that you can start unleashing the legend from this very moment. In fact, the book is designed in such a way that even passive reading starts unlocking your potentials for success. More you read the better. More actively you read the better. But even if you argue against it, it will still work!

    How about this? We used these principles to bring dreaded terrorists to path of humanity. We broke barriers of gender discrimination in places considered monuments of misogyny and crime. We destroyed notions of social-inequality in regions considered worst offenders. We created an entire movement to provide safety to women in vulnerable parts of India. We made low-performers ace toughest competitions of world and become globally renowned scientists. We re-glued family relationships on verge of breakdown. We helped countless use power of mind to heal themselves.

    The method starts working within minutes and starts performing miracles within no time! 

    If you ever felt confused or as if something is holding you back or less prepared to follow your inner voice, this book is the best thing. If you find spiritual texts too complex, and want a more intuitive understanding of Yoga, this book is recommended. If you ever felt depressed, this book will be a constant companion to keep depression away forever.

    And this book is not dialogs. Agniveer is a living output of this book.

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