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Padmavati - Stories from buried history (Paperback: English)
Padmavati - Stories from buried history (Paperback: English)

    Padmavati - Stories from buried history (Paperback: English)

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    This is a collection of short cinematic stories from forgotten history of India, that would send chills down the spine.

    An Indian kid learns dangerously strange things in name of history in schools. A narrative that is forced down their throats is that Hindus were ruled by Islamist invaders for 1000 years. Invasion of Islamist attackers has been termed as their rule and their tyrant regimes have been glorified as great examples of Hindu-Muslim composite culture. While the invaders are presented as saviours, the real heroes - the children of soil who fought the former out all along to regain freedom have been wiped off completely from history books.

    Did you know

    1. A Hindu queen made Muhammad Ghori 'the conquerer’ run for his life till Multan, today’s Pakistan!

    2. On Maharani Padmavati’s orders, a Rajput Commander single-handedly defeated mini-army of Sultan Aladdin Khilji before latter begged him naked for life!

    3. Another Hindu queen defeated Sultan Shah Jahan repeatedly and sent the defeated Mughal armies back with cut-noses!

    4. A Rajput escorted his Prince and queens to Jodhpur defeating Aurangzeb’s massive armies on his way back from Delhi putting 300 Spartans of ancient Greece to shame!

    5. There was a Hindu commander who Mughals feared as ghost who could win battles against God's will!

    6. There was a Rajput who Mughals had to capture in lion’s cage because his built scared Mughals!

    7. Whole Pathan army once surrendered to a Hindu Khalsa commander without even fighting!

    8. A Hindu Khalsa commander won all territory dominated by invaders till Afghanistan in 19th century!

    9. When British came, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and most of today’s Pakistan were under Hindu rule!

    and lot more…

    This book will restore your glory and self-esteem. Read these stories to your kids before they are programmed to believe themselves as slaves of centuries. Truth is shockingly different. Make them brave with true history before false school history makes them mental slaves.