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Hoax of Islamic Superiority
Hoax of Islamic Superiority

    Hoax of Islamic Superiority

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    During my IIT days, I had an encounter with an Islamist student (my own hostel-mate) who argued with me on Zakir Naik. He supported latter’s stand on killing apostates and holy book’s commandments of making non-Muslim women as sex-slaves. He was shamelessly defending sex-slavery in front of 6 Hindu boys sitting in IIT’s hostel-room exploiting spineless state’s hospitality. His clueless and gullible Hindu friends did not have guts to confront him. In the end, Hindu boys as per the glorious tradition of Gandhian secularism asked me to leave his room to ensure peace and harmony in the hostel...

    What made the fanatic student feel so superior about his faith?

    This book analyses concepts of radical Islamism and destroys hoax of Islamist superiority.

    Note: The book refers only to the radical interpretation of Islam that bigots claim to be actual Islam, and not to pluralism practiced by stalwarts like Ashfaqullah Khan and Swami Satyapati.

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