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Manu Smriti in Sanskrit-English and Transliteration
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    Manu Smriti in Sanskrit-English and Transliteration

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    Manusmriti : Is it oldest surviving constitution for humans or a patriarchal Brahmanical tool to subjugate Dalits and women? Does Manusmriti have

    Hatred for Dalits?

    Hatred for women?

    Bias for Brahmans against Dalits?

    Are Brahman and Shudra birth based castes?

    Can’t a Shudra become Brahman and vice versa?

    Is child of a Shudra/Brahman necessarily a Shudra/Brahman?

    Can’t a Brahman eat from Shudra’s hands?

    Does Manusmriti sanction meat/beef eating?

    Get answers straight from Manusmriti. Know the greatest conspiracy in human/Hindu history. Who declared Manusmriti root of untouchability despite having rule that “a Brahman will only eat what is left after Shudra (maker of food at Brahman’s house) has eaten to their satisfaction?” Who polluted the original message of Manu and where?

    Extensive research on each Shloka has been carried out and a clear segregation between original Shlokas of Manu and the later day interpolations has been established. This authentic translation in English destroys all fake propaganda against Manusmriti.

    Manusmriti in its original form is greatest protector of women, Dalits, weak and vulnerable. Read and see yourself.


    • Publisher: Govindram Hasanand
    • Commentary: Dr. Surendra Kumar
    • Language: Sanskrit - English
    • Book Dimensions: 23 cm x 15 cm x 3.5 cm (Hardcover)
    • Pages: 592
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    • Delivery might take up to 3 to 5 business days depending upon the location.

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