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Divine Vedas (Paperback: English)
Divine Vedas (Paperback: English)

    Divine Vedas (Paperback: English)

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    Do you know any text older than Vedas?

    How were Vedas preserved for thousands of years when there were no tape recorders?

    Christianity came with Jesus. Islam came with Muhammad. Did Hinduism come with Ram or Krishna?

    Who created Vedas?

    Are Vedas divine?

    Do Vedas allow alcohol consumption - Soma?

    Do Vedas ask to kill atheists or non-believers?

    Are Vedas corrupted?

    Do Vedas have a history like Bible and Quran?

    Are Vedas extinct?

     ...and 100+ such questions and allegations on Hinduism in general and Vedas, in particular, have been answered in this book.

    Divine Vedas serves as a spiritual guide for truth-seekers and as a hammer for crooks. It crushes anti-Hindu arguments of violent cults dreaming of conquering India by hook or crook. It shuts mouths of biased Western Indologists and pseudo-liberal anti-Hindu left lobby in India on the matters of Hinduism. This book along with few others from the author have shifted whole discourse on Hinduism from ‘defending’ position to ‘dominating’ one.

     A must read book for every self-respecting Hindu and Non-Hindu alike!

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