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Beyond Flesh There Lies A Human Being (Paperback: English)

    Beyond Flesh There Lies A Human Being (Paperback: English)

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    Christianity wants 'chaste' women for Church. Islam wants 'chaste' women for husbands. Corporates want 'good' women for sales. Media want 'pretty' women for ratings. Husband needs 'beautiful' wife. Children need a 'doting' mother.

    What does a woman need? What are a woman's rights? Who gives women their rights? Society that pays them half the compensation men get for the same job? Or religions?

    Any religion that claims it gives women their rights must be lying. Religions come from prophets. Prophets come from women's wombs. And sorry, women don't come from Adam's rib. So, effectively, religion is yet another child of womanhood which is incapable of offering anything to the mother.  

    Beyond Flesh There Lies A Human Being is about real feminism - first movement for women. It started with first woman on earth and continued ever since. It is from time when women were prophets and men were disciples. Women decided what they will do and what they deserve. Rest of the world just listened with bowed head.

    Beyond Flesh There Lies A Human Being is the compilation of mesmerizing verses of the only women prophets world has ever seen. Women prophets of Hinduism! From the oldest text of human civilization. The Vedas! When Mother Goddess chats with Her daughters. And the daughters respond.

    By the time you complete the book, you will feel divinity within if you are a woman. You will feel divinely blessed for being amidst divinity if you are a man. And you will certainly realize why heaven, if there is any, lies under mother's feet.


    Publisher : Rashtra Jyoti (Ritvijam)

    Author : Sanjeev Newar

    Language : English

    Binding : Perfect

    Book Size : 5.5" X 8.5" 

    Pages : 53

    ISBN : 978-81-939847-0-3

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