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Attacks on Hinduism And its defence forever (Paperback: English)
Attacks on Hinduism And its defence forever (Paperback: English)

    Attacks on Hinduism And its defence forever (Paperback: English)

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    Non-violence is the best thing to do to those who believe in same.

    It is the worst thing to do to those who don't.

    Overdose of non-violence ruined India. Hindus who never invaded a land could not protect their own. 1300 years of brutal Islamic onslaught changed everything. Hindus have become a minority in cities they founded once. Half of land and people that belonged to Hindus once have gone. Whatever is left has a big question mark. How long will it survive? Three decades or four or five?  Jihadi forces in cahoots with communists have launched a massive propaganda war against whatever is left of India. Idea is to destroy India from roots. For this, the concept of India is being questioned. Hinduism being DNA source of modern India is thus the prime target of this Jihadi-Communist nexus.

    This book deals with the most common attacks made on Hinduism.

    Is Hinduism in accordance with Science?

    Are the stories of vulgarity in Hinduism true?

    Why did Krishna have a love affair with Radha?

    Why do Hindus worship male organ- Linga?

    Why do Hindus burn their women when husband dies?

    Why Dashrath married three women?

    Is polygamy part of Hinduism?

    and 60 other questions..

    First ever book on a comprehensive response to such allegations with hundreds of scriptural references and logic. Once you finish it, you will feel you know everything about Hinduism. Apart from being a reader, you can also play your part in silencing Jihadi-Communists' terror-conversion nexus by spreading the word.


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    Shwetha Megur
    Very good book

    Very good book we must keep writing such books to wake up our Hindus to know the truth how we Hindus suffered a lot